On this page we maintain links to data sets of publicly available benchmark models that can be used by the research community for different studies, such as (optimal) power flows in transmission and distribution networks, stability analysis, electricity market design, or more generally renewable energy integration into power systems / smart grids.

Resources for benchmark network models can be found at the following URLs:

  1. Distribution Networks from the IEEE PES AMPS DSAS Test Feeder Working Group
  2. The University of Washington Power Systems Test Case Archive
  3. Benchmark Systems for Small-Signal Stability Analysis & Control from IEEE PSDP Committee
  4. WECC Market Test Case from the Powers Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC)

Databases and tools for electricity generation, consumption and market data can be found at the following URLs:

  1. European System Generation, Load, Market Prices and Cross-Border Flows from the ENTSO-e Transparency Platform
  2. Residential and Commercial Energy Consumption Profiles in the Netherlands (in Dutch)
  3. Bottom-up Tool for Generating Residential Energy Consumption Profiles
  4. Energy, Water and Electricity Market Data from the Pecan Street Dataport (free to use for academic research only)